Design & Development

Designing, building, maintaining and hosting websites is a core activity of Intakt. You can entirely outsource all these activities to Intakt, or let us collaborate with your own designers / developers.

You can deliver your designs to us, or let us propose designs. We will translate these into optimized webpages for desktop and mobile screens, optionally with offline support.

For customizing and managing content of your web pages, Intakt has developed its own system (CMS) which focuses on simplicity and speed of editing. Based on What You See Is What You Get principe, you edit the webpages as your customer sees them.

Of course you can also use well-known systems like Wordpress. Intakt can install it for you and keep it up-to-date.

Intakt has extensive experience creating extensive functionalities enhancing your web application and backend handling, such as:

  • Interactive Price Quotations and specialized Order forms
  • Link with reservation system
  • Newsletter registration and management
  • Contact forms with CRM functionality
  • Route maps
  • Review page where visitors can share experiences and recommendations
  • Real-time connection with an external product catalogs
  • API development for external access and integration (REST based, JSON, XML , etc.)