Domain registration

All possible domains can be requested and registered via Intakt. We then take care of the application, filling in the necessary papers, configuring the name servers and referring the domain name to the correct files on the server and enabling the use of e-mail under the domain name concerned.

Highly requested foreign top-level domains such as .net, .org., .com, .info, .nl and .de can be requested quickly. Almost all international domains can be applied for through us. Mail us for prices and further information.

Interested? Do not hesitate and send an email to
We will be happy to send you further information or a tailor-made proposal without obligation.

Intakt is a member of the Internet Domain Registration Foundation Netherlands (SIDN)

Icann information about domain names:

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Reactivating of a generic top level domain wil cost a maximum of euro 70 excluding VAT plus the cost for the domain name.