Baga Holland

A web application to book luggage transport for cyclists that cant or don’t want to take luggage along on their bikes. At BagaHolland you can select your preferred route for the luggage, book it and pay immediately.


Because booking and payment are processed on the website, the application must ensure that only routes that are actually possible will be booked. Therefore, each user input automatically filters the options for the next input.

User-friendliness is a main focus. A starting point or destination can be chosen by (partially) typing in the city name, selecting the city from a list, or by a click on markers on a map.


map input

The long list of possible luggage pick-up addresses is then reduced to a manageable number.

reduced list

As much information as possible is filled out by the application. Not only to make it more easy for the visitor, but also to make sure the route is actually possible.

route form

A shopping cart provides an overview of the created routes. Multiple routes may be booked at once. Of course, a route can be changed or deleted from the shopping cart.

shoping cart

(prices and locations used are examples, they will not correspond to actual prices or pick-up locations offered by BagaHolland)