Website Health Monitor

The Intakt CMS now has a module that monitors the "health" of a website, with The Lighthouse Page Score tool is used as basis. These scores are assigned to individual pages from lighthouse, and Google uses this tool to determine the ranking of search results.

When multiple pages suffer from the same issues, it is difficult to find those issues by just using the individual page scores. We do want to implement improvements that have impact on many pages at the same time of course. To make this easier, the Intakt CMS has a section that shows the average score of all pages per category. Performance, Accessibility, Best-practices and SEO.



The average score and the graph that shows how the score develops over time are useful tools in determining where the general "health" of the website might be improved. The score graph of an individual page can be compared to the average trend of scores to get better insight..



Over time, the effect of the improvements will become visible in the score graph. If the effect of the improvements is not as expected, the developers of Intakt are able to perform a more detailed analysis.