Start of 2022


We created a map application for Fietsvakantiewinkel that displays all their trips in Europe.

Tours in Europe

In this case, Google Maps is used as basis. The map application fetches the trips directly from the CMS, so that the map is always up-to-date. The placement of the markers is based on latitude and longitude coordinates. To keep management simple, geocoding is used. Often the starting location of the trip is already known, if not it can be filled out in the search form. With one click on a button, the coordinates are retrieved.


Multiple markers (tours) close together are bundled in a cluster. This prevents markers from being hidden behind other markers placed nearby. This keeps the map clean.

A popup appears when a marker is clicked. It shows detailed information about the trip or trips at that location on the map. The popup design corresponds to the look and feel of the website.