December 2018

Dagboekreizen new website

Intakt developed a new responsive website for Dagboekreizen based on the Intakt CMS. Dagboekreizen is a small travel organization that offers individual tours to destinations all over the world based on their own experience and up-to-date knowledge. They know their customers well, and have specific ideas about the design and functionality of the website.

Responsive design



The previous website was not mobile friendly. With a focus on user-friendliness and optimization for search engines, an update was essential. With four so-called "viewports", the layout is adapted to the screen that is used. Roughly speaking, you could say that these viewport are:

• mobile phone

• tablet in portrait mode

• tablet in landscape mode

• desktop/laptop


UX design

By monitoring the behavior of the visitors, the optimal layout of the website and the behavior of the page elements was determined. The "UX design" (user experience design) was initially delivered in a wireframe, after that a graphic design was made, and finally everything was converted to html and javascript.


Scrolling-down action is detected by the application. Important elements will respond to this action. In this case, the button "Compose your tour" becomes visible in the menu bar as soon as it scrolls out of view.


The animation above is made of an element that links to a travel page. Typically, an element like this is part of a collection of similar elements that all refer to a particular travel page. To keep the layout compact, clear and predictable, only a title and a photo are displayed. The hover action allows the visitor to read some of the content before actually navigating to another page.

sticky tabs

The product pages of this website contain many photos and detailed information that are offered in different sections on the page. These sections are made visible in an extra menu. (see animation above) If the user scrolls further down, this extra menu remains visible, and the colored background indicates which section is currently viewed. The additional menu provides quick navigation and structure.



Good search engine optimization and monitoring of user behavior on the pages contributes to the success of a website. Dagboekreizen pays attention to these aspects with great care. Prior to the construction of the website, there was a clear plan that was included in the technical design. The good preparation has been payed out.