2016 - now

Search and book module S-Cape travel

A new Intakt CMS based website had been created for S-Cape travel with focus on the search functionality and the booking module with a corresponding quotation.

The website is fully bilingual, but elements that are not language dependent, such as the duration, price, and availability of a trip, need to be filled out just 1 time. This is, of course, efficient, but it also guarantees that the range and price of products are the same in all languages.


multi lingual


A connection with S-Cape’s reservation system (DaVinci) has been created to ensure that the travel products, prices, availability and booking information are always up-to-date.

Using the search widget, it's easy to find a trip that meets your requirements.


search widget


Travel pages contain a calendar with availability, a click on a date will lead you to an accurate price quote for that date.


tour page


The book form has a dynamic quotation view: each option that is checked or unchecked, will update the live quotation block at the side of the screen.


live quotation


My S-Cape

After booking, the customer has access to a secure part of the website called "My S-Cape". Where all information related to the booking is found, and where relevant documents can be viewed and downloaded.


My Scape


Payment summary

This section shows how much has been paid in advance, how much is still open and when payments are due. You can pay directly from the My S-Cape environment with an online payment module.



For each travel day, relevant vouchers, directions, travel information and GPS tracks are available for download



With a direct link to the booking, all information can be stored offline on, for example, a smartphone. The My S-Cape web page then functions as an app, where no active internet connection is required. Useful for example on the plane or in areas with slow internet connection. Reviews

Via a link, the customer can fill out a review form. In order to keep it simple for the customer, all booking information has already been pre-filled in this form.